Brett Bullion is a Minneapolis-based producer, mixer, engineer and all-around badass. When we were halfway through recording New Love, I started thinking about who was going to mix it. In my opinion, your mixer is just as important as your producer. The right mix can make or break a record. I wanted to take what Brad and Forrest and I had just worked on, and put it in the hands of someone who could polish it off to be exactly what I'd envisioned. So I asked Brad what he thought. Brett was the first name to come up. He did Brad's SOMBEAR record, he mixed Tancred's last studio EP, and then we listened to a record he'd just done (Bad Bad HatsPsychic Reader) and I was sold. 

It's funny to trust someone you've never met IRL with the outcome of something so personal as a collection of songs. I've still yet to meet Brett in person, but it's 2015 and the future is now. Check out my interview with Brett below to learn a little more about this man of mystery.


AW: How long have you been a professional creative person?

BB: since i was about 16 and started playing drums in bands and studios.

When you were a kid, did you dream of doing what you do now?

yes i always wanted to be working on records but back then it was more from the session musician perspective. 

How do you define ‘success’? Do you feel successful?

food in fridge, friends nearby, work to do, not always in that order. yes i do feel successful but it depends on wether i think the mix is sounding good… i am sure the therapists out there will have a problem with the latter.

My album is called 'New Love'. You remember the first time you fell in love? Can you describe the feeling?

hmm, i think i remember? i was dramatic in high school. maybe wasn't really in love tho until you learn how to not get what you want and instead do something for your partner.

How old were you when you had your first KISS!!! Feel free to tell us the story?!

oh man, i can't remember, probably middle school. stories probably too much.

How old were you when you had your heart broken for the first time? How did THAT feel?

i thought i had had my heart broken but i hadn't really until i was about 23-24. haha it sure didn't feel swell. but some of the best times when you're that raw and open to whatever is next.

Do you even believe in love? Feel free to elaborate.

i do. putting others before yourself is probably the simplest definition. it's really hard to do, the essential human problem.

What was your favorite part of working with me? Your least favorite? ;)

good songs. people that trust me to do what i do and then be collaborative about it. thats the best part. really no least favorites. 

What is your greatest memory associated with our time together?

brad and i walked the dog a lot during the mix revisions. that was fun. also mixing "over you." it was late and i had mostly all the lights off and i was just moving faders and not thinking about it, and then all of a sudden 5 hours went by and i was singing along with the mix. the best kind of day. i think i texted you a video of the mix room because i was so excited about it.

What is your favorite track on ‘New Love’?'

probably "over you" "counting down" and "out of this alive" most fun sonically to mix i think… but they were all fun. nice to have some big guitars on one song and then some spacious pads on the next.


Check out Brett's website to see more of his work at

'NEW LOVE' is out now! Get it now on iTunes or click here to find out where else it's for sale.

A Weiss